Lower Granville Hall Nova Scotia Halloween Party for local kids

Hallowed Hall Halloween Howler

October 29th, 4-8pm
3551 Granville Rd, Port Royal, NS

A Halloween Party for the kids and the parents, at the Lower Granville Hall located in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

The party is currently invite-only and reserved for local families first. If you feel you would like to be a guest, partner, or sponsor, please see the information further down this page.

This party is sponsored by Hook Digital Marketing Canada and Dahlias By The Bay, two Port Royal-based companies.



Fill out the form to submit your registration. Please make sure you review the waiver which contains important safety information.

* This is a private function and we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason at our discretion. 

* Children must be monitored by a parent or guardian at all times.

* There will be potential food allergens such as tree nuts. There will also be donated homemade food items. Consumption of food and drink is at your own risk.