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Digital Marketing

While others are selling outdated funnels and telling you to post more social media, we only do what brings you revenue.

You want to run your business, not figure what Zuck or Google wants you do be doing. I want to take the marketing strategy, the platform changes, the endless web searches, and the technical integrations off your hands.


Let us handle the ads, the SEO, the Public Relations, the tracking, blocking click fraud and spam, web development and updates, web hosting, and all the other things you don’t want to spend your valuable time  and brain-space on.

You pay us to make you money, not to regurgitate what Gary Vee or that Click Funnel guy said. Work with us, regardless of your budget. 

What we HELP YOU do

You need to be able to get the right message in front of the correct audience at the time they need to see it. We help you do that.


Creative Advertising

Presenting your products and services to other businesses or consumers through advertising on the most effective platforms.

Managing Your Reputation

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Web Development & Hosting

Need a site? We can build it. Have a site? We can upgrade it. Need safe, secure, fast hosting? We have our own managed hosting service.

Business Strategy

Sometimes you need to know what to do next. How to get unstuck. Are you losing money somewhere or is there a bottleneck in your business model? We can help.

eCommerce Start-to-End

We know how to run eCommerce from websites, to advertising, to social media, to advertising, with email marketing, automation, and fulfillment. We can help you grow from startup to becoming a house-hold name-brand.

Photography & Videography

We’ve arranged everything from headshots to product shoots, from social video to action sequences. We speak LinkedIn just as well as we speak Tik Tok and YouTube.


 We started as an SEO company, as Hook SEO, way back in January of 2014. No one had even heard of a COVID-19 yet and we’ve been helping businesses get found online ever since. One of our Managing Partners, Matthew Rouse, even wrote the book, Crush SEO

Now, Matt Rouse and our Community Manager, Kari Rouse, are living and working from Port Royal, Nova Scotia, and have opened a new office of Hook SEO LLC and Hook Digital Marketing with Hook DM Canada! We know SEO!


Helping More Than 100,000 Business Owners Worldwide

With the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast and Business Builder Throwdown show, Matt, Kari, Scott, and the entire team have interviewed more than 250 Digital Marketing Professionals from all over the globe, bringing you actionable insights and fun business chit-chat.

I now it can be lonely as an entrepreneur sometime, so tune in to one of our shows and meet some new friends who speak your language!


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Revenue Created

Cups Of Coffee

Business Book Written

Nova Scotia Beach Cleanup

Business that helps the community

Every time you work with Hook DM Canada, you are helping fund programs for entrepreneurs, startups, young and minority entrepreneurs, rural businesses, and important community programs like the Nova Scotia beach cleanup.

We help businesses with things like mentoring, free PPE, grants, education, and other programs. We don’t just talk about community, we build it.


More than 20 years of marketing, technical, and design experience.