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Meet Matt Rouse, Our Local SEO Expert…

Why settle for some random guy or gal online who says they know SEO when you can have the guy who wrote the book on it?

Matt Rouse is the author of five business books, and three editions of the go-to classic for SEO, CRUSH SEO: Learn How To Market Your Local Business Online.

Why Not Just Use The Book?

Great question.

Though there is a lot of great information in there, it’s 7 years old now and a bit outdated. This is the problem with reading up on marketing online, unless you know the source and know they are actively researching and testing, then what you are reading is probably very outdated and ineffective.

Also, it’s a lot of work. It’s technical work, and it’s faster and more effective for us to do it than you.

There is also the opportunity cost – what else should you be doing instead of worrying about something you can hire an expert team to do for you.


Crush SEO Paperback by Matt Rouse

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Our Local Business SEO Package costs $700/month for one location and $500 per month for each additional location.


Why do you cost more than most Nova Scotia SEO companies?

#1 We’re better.

We don’t ask you to pay us to do a certain task or list of tasks, you pay us to get results that translate into revenue.

If you want someone to write blogs, or build 5 links a month, that’s not us.

If you want someone who has strategies and a team that drives revenue-generating customers to your business and makes your phone ring, that’s us.


How Do Businesses Get Scammed For SEO?

Because the technology is complex, the terms are unfamiliar, and the Internet is filled with information about SEO that is a mile wide and an inch deep, it’s easy to sound like you know what you’re talking about.